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Protonics Influencer Program

To qualify for the Protonics Influencer Program, you are required to:

1. Have followers in the fields related to either sports, athletic training, performance training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, orthopedic, physical medicine, teaching, or other areas related health, fitness and wellness.  You can be a clinician, a therapist, a personal trainer, a healthcare professional, a recreational enthusiast, a sports coach, or an athlete.

2. Attend a 30-minute individual live online session with either Frank Joutras, President, or Kay Dartman, Sales and Marketing Manager, to understand everything about the new Protonics G3 System.

3. Understand and be educated about the underlying science of PROTONICS and how it can contribute to the well being of your followers.


If you qualify:

A Protonics G3 System will be provided as a consignment device (owned by Protonics) to any influencers who qualify, and will be paid monthly $20 dollars per system for every system purchased through the Influencers personal Protonics page on our website.  The influencer understands that within a couple months if there is no generated purchases from the Influencers Protonics page on our website, then the influencer will be offered the Protonics consignment device at a reduced cost, or we will send the influencer a label to return the unit to Protonics.

Special deal for you and your followers:

Protonics G3 Systems purchased through Influencer links will be discounted $70 off of the retail price, and have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Influencers will have a link to use for your followers on any of your social media sites, and also a special influencer page on our website that promotes your business and tells your followers how you use Protonics within your business.  (See Example Here)

Influencers will be featured in our monthly newsletter and also have the opportunity to participate in a Protonics Podcast. 

Influencer Agreement:

I,  ______________________________________________________, agree to become an influencer for Protonics, be educated and knowledgeable on the use of Protonics, follow all the provided requirements for the Protonics Influencer Program, and give my permission for use of my name and/or company name on our website:

Name of Company associated with (if applicable):_______________________________________________________


Signed:  _______________________________________________  Date: ___________________________________


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