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Michael K.

★★★★★ Optimum Performance Google Review:

In the fall of 2017 I injured my back while working out. I put off going to the doctor for too long and ended up with numbness in my right leg and severe pain in my hip, back and had "drop foot". Coincidentally my next door neighbor had a similar injury and while he chose surgery, I chose to work with Jon at Optimum Performance to avoid surgery if possible.


I started treatment in mid-October with Jon. Jon quickly identified the source and root cause of my pain, and was able to help reduce some of the pain quickly and was very efficient with a treatment plan which included exercises and walking with a Protonics (Device) to get me on the road to recovery quickly. By late January I was working out again and by February I was back playing basketball. Meanwhile my next door neighbor was still in rehab, has a big scar and while we are of similar age (45-50yrs old) he has a far more limited set of activities he is able to do.


I was so convinced by Jon's techniques and the Protonics that I bought my own Protonics for "maintenance". Today I run as much as 7 times a week, have run several 5K road races. I am able to lift weights, play golf, fish, kayak, hike and play basketball and keep up with my middle school and high school kids again .


Thanks Jon.

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