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Protonics Overview

Protonics is the only patented technology that has been proven to instantly improve functional biomechanical balance.  Elite athletes, individuals involved in recreational or team sports, or active individuals, can use Protonics prior to, and/or after their activities.  Protonics uses patented resistance programs designed to isolate the left leg hamstring during flexion while preventing overactivity of the hip flexors. This is accomplished by just performing 5 minutes of repositioning exercises with the system attached to the left leg, which instantly promotes proper biomechanical balance throughout the body.  Then, by just walking on a treadmill or flat surface for a few minutes or more at a low resistance setting, Protonics promotes neuromuscular retraining.  This allows the optimal muscle activation pattern to last for a given amount of time when the system is removed, which is dependent on the activities being performed after removal of the system.
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Biomechanical Balance

Limited Flexibility Risking Injury

Reduced Speed & Strength

Unbalanced Left / Right Symmetry


Minor Pain in Joints & Muscles

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Biomechanical Balance

Increase Flexibility & Agility

Optimize Speed & Strength

Promote Left / Right Symmetry


Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain


Elite Athletes and those involved in Team Sports that want to optimize their speed, strength, and agility, can use the Protonics G3 prior to activity to get into a balanced biomechanical position.  This is accomplished by performing 5-10 minutes of Repositioning Exercises and Retraining Walking prior to their activity.  This puts the muscles more at a mid-range position, reducing the hyper-extended hamstring while relaxing the short and tonic hip flexors, allowing the athlete to utilize 100% of their available strength, speed and agility.


Individuals involved in Recreational Sports like Pickleball, Tennis, Golf and Jogging, can use the Protonics G3 prior to activity to increase flexibility and balance by just performing 5 minutes of Repositioning Exercises and Retraining Walking prior to their activity.  This reduces stresses throughout the body, allowing more laxity within the hip, knee and ankle joints, in addition to providing a more neutral symmetry, which can promote better balance and less risk of injury.


Active Individuals can use the Protonics G3 as needed to reduce pain associated with improper biomechanical patterns, and to increase overall function and stability.  Individuals walking, or just doing daily activities, benefit by at least performing 2 of the 4 Repositioning Exercises, and then walking with the Protonics G3 at a low setting for up to 1 hour.



See a detailed explanation of how Protonics works HERE.


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